Construction material in model building

Increasingly often, composite materials are used in model building. In the construction of model aeroplanes, in particular, many carbon and glass-fibre reinforced plastics are used. Of course, the mechanical properties and the low weight are the determining factors here. In addition to these unique properties of composites, a decisive factor for using DPP micro-pultrusions as construction material in model building is that they can be glued well.

Trailing edges, leading edges, spars, wing rods, cap strips, frame elements and tow and pushing bars are examples of applications in the construction of model aircrafts where DPP profiles can be used.

Carbon and glass-fibre strips, tubes and rods are also used in the construction of model boats and cars. A typical example is the use of carbon tubes for masts and booms of model boats.

F3P Model Airplane (rights: Donatas Pauzuolis)

F3P Model Airplane (rights: Donatas Pauzuolis) Mr. Alexey Lantsov (Russia) and Donatas Pauzuolis (Lithuania) have managed to bring down the weight of this F3P model to 37 grams. The construction of this airplane was made out of DPP profiles.

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